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ANGRAD's website was developed by professionals to promote an easy navigability for our Internet users and access to a world of information about teaching degree in Business Administration in Brazil. In it, you have space to learn about events, fairs and congresses, as well as news, interviews, articles, legislation, academic research, among other issues.

Announcing with our website, you will be linked to a targeted audience, adding more value to your brand. The ANGRAD website has established itself as a powerful vehicle of research support, gaining more space in the academic community.


Our partners are also carefully targeted, since our main goal with our online website is to allow and provide important information about the higher education scenario in the country. And for this reason, ANGRAD is pleased to invite your institution to also become a part of this online community. And in order for this exchange of experiences to always be democratized, continuously and constantly, we create special conditions for you to enter this universe.


Our main objective in the creation of the exhibition space is not only to meet your needs but also the needs of students who use our website to search for universities.

In the latter, those internet users who want this information are potential consumers. Conveying your logo, you'll be closer to your target audience and their desires.

Profile of Internet users

Our internet users are divided into: Deans, Directors, Managers, Teachers, Students and Management professionals from public and private sectors.

In recent years we have seen a growing penetration in Latin America, mainly in Argentina by maintaining and increasing the ANGRAD partnership with its sister - ADENAG Argentina - AsociaciÛn of Professors Nacionales de AdministraciÛn Generale.

We reached the figure of 200.000 visitors in 2009, a number that is growing every year.

About our Advertisements

The advertising will follow the following criteria:

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    Tamanho: 960 x 250 pixel
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    Tamanho: 300 x 250 pixel
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    Peso: 40kb
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  • 4. Full Banner
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  • 5. Footer Banner
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  • The link may be modified according to the needs and advanced planning of your company. The logo that is broadcasted must be sent by the company to ANGRAD in JPG or GIF format. These spaces in ANGRAD site will be announced through informative newsletters, forwarded to all our mailing database.
  • The ANGRAD website is a vehicle which promotes and supports the improvement in the quality of the country's Management Education. And hereby we justify our pride today in being able to share our online space with partners that follow the same path towards the same goal: a permanent promotion of raising the quality of management education.

In this regard, we kindly request that if your institution expresses interest in participating in this specially designed area for the Angradian Community, please access our website at:, or contact us by telephone at (21) 2516-3646 | 2223 -1411 | 2233-4971 or by e-mail

We are at your disposal for any necessary clarifications.

Neste sentido, solicitamos gentilmente, que, caso a Instituição manifeste o interesse em participar do espaço especialmente desenvolvido para a Comunidade Angradiana no site:, ou entre em contato conosco pelos telefones (21) 2516-3646 | 2223-1411 | 2233-4971 ou pelo e-mail

We are at your disposal for any necessary clarifications.

Fraternal Angradian Greetings,

Adm. Luiz Carlos da Silva
Executive Superintendent of ANGRAD

Partner institutions

Agreement between ANGRAD and ADENAG

The agreement with ADENAG (Association of National Teachers in General Management) aims to lay the foundation for the development of academic cooperation and technical-scientific activities within education and administration research.

Agreement between ANGRAD and IFSAM

ANGRAD is one of the associates of IFSAM - International Federation of Scholary Associatons of Management.

Agreement between ANGRAD and ANDAP

The agreement with ANDAP aims for the cooperation and institutional reciprocity and the establishment of academic relations in teaching production management and logistics together with business schools.