The National Association of Business Administration Undergraduate Courses - ANGRAD, emerged as a result of the I National Meeting for the Evaluation of Business Administration Undergraduate Courses, which was held on August 30th and 31st of 1990 at the University of S„o Paulo,headed by the eminent Professor Doctor ALEXANDER BERNDT. In it's long journey, ANGRAD has established itself, day after day, as the association with the greatest representativity in the Brazillian academic community.

Although this first encounter was focused on evaluation, the mentality that guided the event was of promoting the exchange of experiences between business administration courses. With this mission, ANGRAD was born, on December 6th, 1992. Since then, it has become a part of the Business Administration's daily academic routine in Brazil.

The ANGRADIAN mission revolves around the exchange of informations about Business Administration education among our associates. The organization and the promotion of regional and national events has nurtured over 13 years of studies, researches, solutions and a lot of credibility with the universe of Business Administration education in Brazil.

Currently, the institutional partners add up to more than 800 IES (Institutions of Higher Education) and represent more than half of the universe of Business Management Courses.

The individual partners add up to approximately 600. Our contacts at the IESs involve not only the Deans of the courses, but also the Coordinators and at least two professors. Therefore, the involvement of each institution is of at least 4 professionals, mobilizing over 2.400 teachers, besides the individual partners.

The Association conducts, through many different means of action and communication, an important social function, for it is through itself that there is an opportunity to analyze the macro future of Administration in the country. And so, since 1991, ANGRAD breathes Business Administration, rethinking the past, speeding up the present and building the future!

The ANGRADIAN environment has established itself in a unique and priviledged space for the exchange of academic and pedagogical experiences, as well as a relevant source for renovation of knowledge and the perfection of the Courses of Business Administration of the country.


General Goals

  • ANGRAD's main goal is to promote the increase in quality of the teaching of Business Administration.

Specific Goals

  • Suggestion of innitiatives proposed by Assemblies along with the Official Organizations, specially those linked to education.
  • The interaction, by means of proposals, with the MEC (Ministry of Education) and other organizations of the Brazillian Educational System.
  • The annual execution of ENANGRAD (National Meeting of Business Administration Undergraduate Courses).
  • Promotion of exchange between the Associated Institutions.
  • The stimulus towards projects and researches about Business Administration.
  • The promotion of publications, conferences, seminars and technical reunions about Administration.
  • The assignment of exchange with similar Societies, both national and international.
  • The incentive towards the development of programs in teacher qualification, alongside Associated Institutions.
  • The promotion of evaluations and certifications that signal quality.
  • The development of all other activities that interest the Association and that represent the interests of the associated congregation.